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Dust and Wire Productions is an independent company comprised of two people: Dave Red Boy Schildt and Jeanne Davis.  We are currently producing the feature documentary Indian Rodeo: Original American Cowboys.

You can see us in action at the upper left corner of this picture, photo credit Jackie Jensen Photography.

L. Jeanne Davis was raised in New York, did her undergraduate work at New York University, studying filmmaking, but ultimately majoring in politics, with a minor in psychology.  She traveled extensively, and then relocated to Los Angeles, where she attended UCLA, wrote, directed, and edited short films, and graduated with an MFA in screenwriting.  She has worked as a producer of websites, and in various entertainment companies.

David Red Boy Schildt is an Indian rodeo champion bull and bronc rider.  He has lived on and around the American Indian reservation system throughout his life.  He has taught school, performed music, coached sports programs, and created school athletic programs.  He is the author of a book called Redboy the Indian Bull Rider that describes the current state of tribal warfare via sports competitions by documenting his own rodeo experiences.  You can find out more about him on his blog!

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Documentary in Production!

We have begun filming but will need to do more to complete this feature length documentary on Native American Rodeo. The project is sponsored by the San Francisco Film Society. If you go to this page of their site, you will see it listed as Indian Rodeo: Original...

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